Sunday, 16 December 2007

Les Alexandrins - Double Jeu (1969)

Les Alexandrins - Double Jeu (1969)
1. Straight 4/4
2. Me Revoici
3. Chanson a Chanter en Auto Quand Il Pleu
4. L'amour Ressemble a L'amour
5. Djakarta
6. Straight 4/4
7. Chant du Ministere de L'education
8. Chant de la Jeune Fille
9. Chant du Solitaire
10. Chant du Passeur
11. Chant de L'Arpenteur
12. Chant du Jeune Homme
LES ALEXANDRINS (Les / Les Alexandrins dans Double Jeu)
Quebec Coffee-house chansonnier/ pop duo Luc Cousineau and Lise Vachon were getting decidedly '"groovy" in 1969 when they released this platter for the local Quebec arm of Polydor. Its a disc of two halves literally. The first "Les Alexandrins et.. "is a collaboration with wordsmith Louis Gauthier. The second side "Double Jeu" is a collaboration with female writer/broadcaster Francoise Loranger. "Double Jeu" was an experimental theatre piece created by Loranger. Hip n' happenin' musical backing is provided by the cream of Quebec's thriving 'underground' music scene of the time Jacques Perron, Maurice Richard, Guy Thouin. All had also worked on the the seminal Robert Charlebois discs of the late 60's which revolutionised Quebec pop music.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks, really fantastic. Very cool.

S.├ębastien said...

Great to see this neglected album going around. We also posted it on Patrimoine PQ late october.

Swing by for some rare never-reissued stuff from Quebec.

L_egerie said...

oh please post it again ): i've just come accross this amazing couple 2 days ago ):

Jen_D said...

I second the previous poster, just found your blog and this album have been on my wantlist for years. Please re-post.

S.├ębastien said...

"Double Jeu" is still available on Patrimoine PQ.

M GR said...

Hi thanks for all the postings. Unfortunately the link is dead.
Is there any chance you could re-up it?