Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Circus 2000 (1970)

Circus 2000 (1970)

Really cool Italian hippy psych album with some folk edges, fuzz guitar and female vocals. This album contains the monster number ' I Am The Witch' and it all adds up to a good trip, maaan.
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mike-floyd said...

The 2 Circus 2000 records are really strongly recommended - in my opinion they were the best italian psych band. This is the first one - it sounds like 1968 west coast psych, reminding especially of Jefferson Airplane. Their second record is a little bit more proggy but quite as good as the first one.
Both are absolute killers! Trust me.

discus said...

Great one. I was looking for it but... late again. The link is broken! Please, be so kind to re-upload it. Many thanks in advance! =)