Saturday, 8 December 2007

5 Gentlemen - EP (1967)

5 Gentlemen - EP (1967)

Cool e.p. of this excellent obscure French band. Some good garage songs and the killer psych cut 'L.S.D.25' that will sting your ears.
Posted & Reviewed by Oak Acetator


esmenard.victor said...

Excellent record. If tou have anything else from them (except the song dis nous dylan that can be found everywhere ;-) ).

Thank you again.

oak acetator said...

My friend has another e.p. from these
guys.i will ask him to sort it out for you, hopefully in the next week or so. thanks for your comment

Anonymous said...


litlgrey said...

Evidently not that obscure, man. This band has also been posted at other bands, and I have really liked everything I have heard, including a top-notch original tribute to Twiggy.

By the way, this blog is kicking my head in. I just found it and... I can't stop taking. It's like a dish full of Halloween candy. I don't know when to stop.

Anonymous said...

Links dead...

litlgrey said...

Hi, "Anonymous."

The link may be dead, however, so apparently is this blog.

But I want to give you a break.

I've re-upped the EP myself.