Saturday, 22 December 2007

Blues Project - Projections (1966)

Blues Project - Projections (1966)

Super record by these New York cats. It contains some great guitar and organ, and some tracks that wouldn't have been out of place at one of the S.F. ballrooms. They have an obvious blues influence, but the album has a lovely garage/Psych vibe running throughout it.
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paisley Panties said...

What a great album! I heard a live set of these guys on a concert site and I was totally amazed. Archetypal early psychedelia. Too bad they had such a square name. It sounds like they should be playing reverential versions of "Spoonful' or something.

mike-floyd said...

In fact they really started playing rather tedious blues stuff on their early albums...
Flute Thing is great.

Danny said...

Saw them in 1966 (?) Shaeffer Music Festival NY. They blew me away and they were the 1st early show act whose 2nd set was audible from Central Park West blocks away leaving the park! They were loud! and good!
This band caught Al Kooper between penning 'THIS DIAMOND RING' for Gary Lewis & The Playboys and making his SUPER SESSION