Sunday, 16 December 2007

Christopher - What'cha Gonna Do (1970)

Christopher - What'cha Gonna Do (1970)

It's the other Christopher, with some nice songs that do the trick There is one lengthy pedestrian blues track, on side one that probably holds the album back from being called a classic.
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Pep Sonic said...

Thanks. Great and unknow album for me.

zille said...

Another release on the Animus Oculus label of this South Carolina psych band with a christian bend. Originally released in 1969 on the Chris-Tee label in a pressing of 500. Originals have sold for $1,000+. Songs include the 12:10 title track, "Death Song", "The Great Clock", "Holiday" plus more

Zille said...

Only 100 copies were pressed originally. Song order on backcover differs from the one on the labels (this is the right one, with two songs on A).
oh like that two other interesting volume are Phafner and Three Souls in My Mind from Animus Ocolus Label

Fran Solo said...

Si, tal como dice Zille, un disco muy buscado por los que nos decimos "vinilómanos', de hecho, una "joyita", producida en norteamérica y perdida en la noche de los tiempos.
La grabación de muy buena calidad y muy bien ripeada.
Felicitaciones, HIGH ALL THE TIME.
Es la primera vez que visito tu blog y me encuentro con esta agradable sorpresa y rareza.
Fran Solo

If, as Zille said, a very hard sought after by those of us who say "vinylman', in effect this "gem" produced in the USA and lost in the dawn of time.
The recording of very good quality and very well ripped.
Congratulations, ALL THE TIME HIGH.
This is the first time I visit your blog and I find this pleasant surprise and rarity.
Fran Solo

Anonymous said...

Hey I've been trying to find this album online and have finally found that there is still a great interest in this record. My father is Gary Lucas, the drummer of Christopher. We still have some records and are willing to put together a signed copy by the band. Any interests please let me know

Anonymous said...

Great album!