Monday, 21 January 2008

V/A - Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush - OST (1968)

V/A - Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush - OST (1968)

This is the soundtrack to the film featuring the ‘Spencer Davis Group’, ‘Traffic’ and ’Andy Ellison’. There is some cool organ based gear from the SDG , and also one of their top Psych cuts in 'Taking out time’. Traffic wade in with the theme tune for the film and also a couple of Psych cuts to make this a pretty groovy teen exploito soundtrack.
Posted & Reviewed by Oak Acetator


Mr Márquez said...

Hello High all the time, nowadays you have been posting great stuff, congratulations, I wonder if you have this French psychedelic band Octopus 4, this album was released in 1969, correct me I f I'm wrong.


jimmark66 said...

Thanks for this


Pablo "Cazorla" said...

thanks ...really great album...a question... any stuff about sky sax ???? any rare lp from the sixties ?

Anonymous said...

Not seen this film since I was 10yrs got me into psych and stuff ! The seemingly bland yet incongruously deep(well to me anyway)psychedelicissism of the streets and the suburbs featured as the backdrop actually gives me a high in itself...which is why I'm late again adding a comment..keep on keeping on you HATT wizards...p.s. Lost In Tyme is BACK !!! Well partially, so give the Tyme chap a call and good luck to him, and ye all here too for this excellent reminder/soundtrack...(sorry to go on a bit). Mr Smith England

Anonymous said...

Excellent, I've been looking for this for ages, since my vinyl copy went walkies. You can get a copy of the film from -

Not the most magnificent transfer in the world, but better than nothing.

All together - "Ooooh Jamie! Ohhhh Jamie"

Cheers, MiddleRabbit.

Anonymous said...

''Oooh Jamie''...superb reminder there Middle Rabbit...I thought I ws the only one who had that line in my head all these years..excellent work ! I thought he shoulda stuck with her...I woulda done ! (if I had the luxury of being alive at the time...damn I wish I had ! ) God bless ye all
Mr Smith

db said...

great music!
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Anonymous said...

Links dead...

Herr Aermel said...

Hello HIGH ALL THE TIME - - you´ve made my day!
I was looking for this music since a long time - thank you very much for the presentation on your fine blog.

may your day be sunny : Herr Aermel